The "Inside Out Approach"

Piyali Events and Promotions  designs and executes 2-3 quality events across the country every year. Concepts/properties are designed and owned by Piyali Events and Promotions . We decide on the concept, dates, venue and duration of the event. We then prepare a project cost, which includes costs under operations, media, promotions; PR etc.The whole project is then presented to brands that are looking at an opportunity to ride on a novel and trendy concept like ours. We usually work with two to three brands as sponsors. All the sponsors underwrite the project cost and our revenue streams will be dependent on ticket sales & participations. The above approach has been very popular among the brands as it is cost effective and the whole process consumes very little bandwidth of brand in terms of time.

The "Outside in Approach“

Pro Events has worked with every successful brand that connects to the youth in India. In this approach, we get a brief from a client who is in need of a consumer activation program or a launch of a particular product/ service. We work on the brief and conceptualize an idea from scratch to finish and present it to clients. Usually our idea comprises of a direct marketing plan, promotional activation and on ground activation, which are most critical to any campaign